Need help diagnosing a pulmonary condition in my 5 year-old son.

Tera D

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Hello to anyone who reads this.

I have been to pediatricians and an ear, nose throat specialist and despite 2 x-rays and 3 prescriptions meds (which I haven’t used yet) I have found NO helpful information to help me diagnose a condition my five-year-old son is experiencing. If you have ANY ideas, resources or guesses on what to do, I’d very much appreciate it.

Symptoms include:
(All the time)
Swollen adenoids
General congestion (doesn’t breath through nose)
Easily winded if running

On top of the symptoms above he has had 3 episodes of
shallow, very labored breathing
Uncontrolled, severe coughing
Vomiting mucus

Each one of these episodes seem to come when some one in our family show signs of cold or flu. So I’m guessing it’s viral related.

Each episode has gotten longer and more severe.

Other information
He was born sunny side up, 2.5 weeks early
He sucks his thumb at night
April birth

Thanks you to anyone who responds!
They don't/won't do diagnosis here. That's for the medical professionals. And I know how frustrating it can be to not get answers, but you need to keep working with the doctors. No one can diagnose well at a distance anyway.

And please be careful. For a child's health listening to strangers on the internet can be dangerous. It's okay to be skeptical of the medical system, but I promise you these doctors want to help you so you must be honest with them about all that you're doing or not doing.

For things you can do, many of which you probably already are doing, includes:

-improving the condition of the home (not using harsh cleaning chemicals, running an air purifier, vacuuming regularly, having windows open and getting fresh air etc.)
-ensuring proper nutrition through good, home cooked foods and removing sugars, dairy, and processed foods (after discussing with the doctor). This will support the immune system.
-exercising to the amount the doctors recommend
-ensuring good sleep
-getting safe sun exposure if it's well tolerated
-adequate vitamin D
-promote harmony in the home
-have your home checked for mold
-work with a competent herbalist in your local area who can interact with your child directly with you present

Something in this presentation doesn't add up to me. It's not the usual presentation. But every child is different, and every child has different circumstances.

I doubt this is what is going on in your situation but I've known a few children to not do well with pets and have abnormal presentations. There's also lots of bugs going around right now. You could imagine a large number of different causes but the doctor's have the best tools to verify the pathogen if such is the case.