The Importance of Play

Matthew Capowski

Staff member
This thread will be used to discuss the benefits of play for children and adults alike.

Touch the Future ( ), a non-profit whose mission includes:

For more than twenty years Touch the Future has been interviewing visionary educators, authors, scientists, researchers and performance specialists. Uniting each is a deep appreciation of the limitless capacity for children to love and to learn. This collection of visionaries is the heart of Touch the Future On-Line, our interactive, searchable Internet site, designed to share these collected insights with the world.

Their website holds a lot of information on the subject of play, e.g., the Play is Learning Library:

Play is Learning is one of the best introductions to Joseph Chilton Pearce, one that embodies a number of his fundamental themes: ages and stages of development, the model imperative, the difference between real learning and conditioning (the behavior modification and training we call schooling) and how authentic play represents natures design for optimum learning and performance, at any age, meeting any challenge.