The Bitter Taste and Herbs

Matthew Capowski

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This thread will be used to organize information about bitters as it relates to herbal tastes and actions.

Jim McDonald has written an excellent paper titled Blessed Bitters

Science Update: Bitters—A Taste for Immunity:

So add another layer to the protective power of bitters: they guard against poison, protect us from the effects of sugar and carbohydrate overexposure, guard against imbalances in our gut flora, but also stimulate a very old, pervasive part of our immune response.

Chris Hobbs on Gentiana lutea and Bitters:

The Bitter Flavor in Herbs by Lesley Tierra

The bitter flavor enters the heart and small intestine. It is cooling, drying, draining, detoxifying, purging, and anti-inflammatory. A small amount strengthens these organs whereas too much weakens them. Bitter stimulates the secretion of bile, which in turn, sparks digestive fires and stimulates normal bowel elimination.