Recommended Books on Traditional African Medicine

Matthew Capowski

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This thread will be used to create a running list of books on traditional African medicine.


The African Herbal Pharmacopoeia

A review of this book can be found here:

And the following is a quote from the review:

The new African Phamacopoeia is a 288-page book, consisting of 51 plant monographs (even though the AAMPS original target was 50) with therapeutic indications that covered many diseases and over 30 widely distributed plant families... Besides being a great advancement beyond the information contained in the 1985 African Pharmacopoeia (AP), there are other peculiarities that won my admiration in the herbal pharmacopoeial design, namely: the colourful photographs, the colourful chromatograms, the clinical data, spectroscopic spectra, bibliography etc. The living database in the AAMPS secretariat in Mauritius would provide an avenue for easy up-dating for future editions.