Herb Forum Launches!

Today marks the launch of Herb Forum. This website is a labor of love for me and I want to explain why I created it.

Firstly, I am a life long student of herbs, health, and healing. I use Ayurveda as my primary approach but I do not limit myself to any particular system and I like to learn from insights from many different areas.

Thus, since I will be exploring many different systems of health, I wanted to build a place I could document my findings and freely share them with others.

Secondly, I noticed that many of the online gathering places where good discussions about herbs and traditional systems of health are going on are on social media, especially Facebook. This has several disadvantages:
  • Only those with a social media account can access them and links might only be shareable with those who are members of the group.
  • The information has poor organization and is often harder to access, search, and sort than other mediums, particularly for posts that are older.
  • Not all comments are displayed and some are inappropriately censored by automated algorithms.
  • There are issues with the longevity of the information and sometimes groups get deleted with no reason or warning.
  • Groups on social media platforms tend to focus on a single subject or area which can result in limited cross-fertilization from related fields or approaches.
  • These groups do not get archived by the Internet Archive.
Lastly, there were some forums and email lists related to herbal medicine that I participated in the past that I miss and that I haven’t found a replacement for. This is my attempt to contribute and create a quality, welcoming place for sincere students of herbs everywhere to come together and participate.
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