Hello Everyone

Matthew Capowski

Staff member

I created this forum because I missed the email lists, newsgroups, and other forums from the past related to herbal medicine that I used to participate in. Most of the places I find good information being exchanged now are on social media but that has a lot of limitations, especially around preserving the information for the long run and ensuring all of the information is well organized and easy to search. Some people just don't want to participate in social media sites either and that excludes them from participating in the groups. Lastly, these social media groups are usually not indexed by Google.

I study subjects by approaching them from multiple angles and bringing in as many interdisciplinary insights as I can. As I love and am fascinated by herbs and the traditional systems of health I thought I would document my findings in a publicly shared manner. Thus a forum I felt was a good fit to organize my findings from a large number of areas.

I began studying Ayurveda in 2006 and it remains my primary system for understanding the energy of life and the application of herbs. But I appreciate all of the systems and I feel better off the more I learn about any.

I hope you all will find this a well organized and welcome space to create a community about these sacred teachings and herbs.