Fever / Febrile Illness

Matthew Capowski

Staff member
This thread will be used to discuss the phenomena of fever.

Fever Phobia by Jim McDonald https://herbcraft.org/fever.html

Colds, Flu and Fever by Todd Caldecott https://toddcaldecott.com/conditions/colds-flu-and-fever/

Botanical Medicines in the Stages of Fever by Paul Bergner https://c1c17220-5aa6-46c5-a11f-1b9...d/ee530d_8235219e251c421898e4939dccc31c62.pdf

Todd Caldecott's article titled Colds, Flu and Fever covers the Ayurvedic concept of febrile disease: https://toddcaldecott.com/conditions/colds-flu-and-fever/