Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum)

Matthew Capowski

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This thread will be used to discuss boneset.

Please note that boneset contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Some pyrrolizidine alkaloids are toxic. Some herbalists think that the pyrrolizidine alkaloids contained within boneset, given typical usage of boneset, are probably not an issue. Further research is needed to clarify absolutely.

Paul Bergner has an article about boneset in the context of Influenza: Boneset and Influenza: Historical notes and commentary:

Richard Whelan's entry on Boneset: A-Z/boneset.html

Rediscovering Boneset for Influenza
Not sure this is supposed to go here, if not can you please move to the correct location please. Can Eupatorium serotinum be used as Eupatorium profoliatum? I have read that E. Serotinum is toxic but the flowers can be used for typhoid. I have also read that the two can be used interchangeable.
I have used boneset but not late boneset or tall boneset. Reportedly they can be used interchangeably but I've never talked to anyone who has done so. I am hesitant to accept this interchangeability as fact. I stick with just regular boneset. There may be higher concentrations of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in the other bonesets, but I have no confirmation of that.

Where did you read that E. Serotinum is toxic? Were they saying that just because of the PAs or something else?
This is the only place I have read where it was toxic so I’m not sure I believe it. Also they do not list the reason why it is toxic. I still have studying to do before I try either of them. I want to be able to identify all varieties of eupatorium in my area before trying. Thank you for your information