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  1. Daniel Price


    I have had good luck with apple cider vinegar. I usually employ it when the usual things to keep the nasal passage lubricated aren't enough to do the trick. Both some drops applied via a q-tip and by soaking a cloth ball in the vinegar and then leaving it in the affected nostril for 10...
  2. Daniel Price

    Psyllium (Planatgo Spp.)

    An interesting finding to watch out for: Psyllium. IgE mediated hypersensitivity Anaphylactic Shock Due to Psyllium (Plantago ovate Seed) Allergy: A Case Report
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    Wild Quinine (Parthenium integrifolium)

    Wild quinine (Parthenium integrifolium) goes by a variety of names: American feverfew, eastern feverfew, prairie dock, and Missouri snake root. It has notoriety for the fact some dishonest sellers will try to represent it as echinacea. I don't know much about this herb except that was used...
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    I have to say, if there is gout do try nettle. It won't work in every case but I have heard too many positive reports not to try it. Hypouricemic Effects of Extracts from Urtica hyperborea Jacq. ex Wedd. in Hyperuricemia Mice through XOD, URAT1, and OAT1...
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    Spice-Nitrate Reactions

    I remember some research showing that certain spices react with sodium nitrate to form not good compounds. Especially black pepper. But I can't seem to find it now. Anyone know the research that I'm referencing?
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    Myrtle (Myrtus communis L.)

    I am surprised myrtle doesn't get as much coverage as its siblings tea tree and eucalyptus (same plant family). Anyone use this in their practice? Myrtle: a versatile medicinal plant
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    Artemisinins are fascinating compounds. Look forward to more research here. Artemisinins: their growing importance in medicine From the abstract:
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    Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum)

    Here as in the video in that thread? This herb has long been known to contain PAs. There is a separate thread in the forum about PAs:
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    Wild Bergamot (Monarda spp.)

    Wild bergamot is also known as bee balm. Rosalee has a podcast episode where she discusses this herb:
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    The Big List of Herbal Podcasts
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    Searching Tip

    If you want to search for something and it's a long word, just use a *. Like, instead of typing out echinacea just type echin*
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    Research on Breathwork

    Effect of breathwork on stress and mental health: A meta-analysis of randomised-controlled trials
  13. Daniel Price

    Breathwork for Mental Health

    Effect of breathwork on stress and mental health: A meta-analysis of randomised-controlled trials
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    I wanted to start a thread about plagues since we've had a lot of them.
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    Hey from Alabama

    You got a herb society out there!
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    Coyote Melon (Ibervillea sonorae)

    Coyote melon is also known as wereke, wareque, and guarequi.
  17. Daniel Price

    Ozone Therapy

    Someone mentioned this to me recently. Never heard of it before. Does anyone have experience with it?
  18. Daniel Price

    The best place to start?

    Yes, botany and taxonomy, throw that on the list. But it sounds like you're doing the right things now. You're learning about these plants out a natural curiosity and love for them. That's fortunate you have a small farm. You can have a whole medicinal garden. You can always patch test...
  19. Daniel Price

    Fever / Febrile Illness

    Two more for you: